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We're sorry! The Encore Countertops Kits were discontinued in April 2017. If you have purchased a kit from a third party vendor some of the components are past the expected 2-year shelf-life. Before you start your project, examine the Color Concentrate (Day-2) and the ColorLock and ProGuard Activators (the small bottles used on Day-3). If any of these materials are no longer liquid, or extremely thick, they cannot be used and the kit is not functional.

What is Encore?

Encore™ is a complete countertop refinishing system. Use Encore to transform old, outdated laminate, tile and other hard surface countertops in just three days.

The Encore countertop kit provides DIY enthusiasts an environmentally responsible alternative to tearing out and replacing countertops. Unlike other countertop refinishing kits, Encore's signature look is sophisticated with an organic, natural look and feel.

Encore offers superior stain, scratch, and wear resistance for countertops that you will love to use!

Encore is:
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Beautiful
  • Easy-to-use
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